Who Is Josh Johncock?

all of us have some Johncock in us

Of course he does.

Only once.

Yes it’s white, machine is black.

Yes standing up in New Orleans



Why would you ask....of course.

Sorry ladies married for 25years


He’s a pro...of course he does.


Yes, his name is Phillyfan, because Eagles fans are asses.

Shocking yes.

A DNA test came back inconclusive, but JJC is an excellent driver.....

Can not disclose that information.

Yes and it was magical.

Negotiations just started.

Yes, no ones popularity and recognizability is growing faster.

Yes! TGI Friday’s ( before the weird commercials) Owensboro, KY.

Yes its a gift and a curse.

Yes but only for the 2nd quarter, halftime,and part of the 3rd quarter.

UK basketball and Dallas Cowboys football.

Has on occasion


Probably yes.

Yes his sexuality doesn’t see age.

Yes gold digging bitches....but remember he’s married.

You know it’s Josh Johncock

No! JJC doesn’t want cock anywhere near any of them.

Of course! It’s a manly name you own it boy!

Fucking hates it!

Because while Mr. Johncock is an amazing national treasure, Unicorns are magical and no man is as great as the worst unicorn.

Not in Mr. Johncock world, he won’t leave the green room or home without lubing them down.

Yes! And a secret compartment for a white glove.

The 13th sign Vagitaurius


Defiantly a grow-er.


Buffalo Wild Wings

JJC takes 8-10 cruises per year depending on his schedule.

JJC musk is natural, but could be described as 1 part pine tar,2 parts baby powder, 1 part nutmeg, slight whisper of soy sauce.

The answer is in part of the question.

In vegas, having a random waitress with a huge paddle, with a running start absolutely smashing his ass!

Absolutely not! But he did video tape his friend doing just that.

He will give it for free after this website.

Malibu Rum!

Yes once but he doesn’t know about it, and he wouldn’t be happy.